The RFDF Stock Exchange invests financial capital and social capital in students that demonstrate a commitment to helping themselves and helping others in their communities.
Enter one or more criteria to find a student:
High School, College, Graduate Students and Professionals pursuing CFA or MBA
Minimum $100 commitment per year; can contribute to the RFDF Exchange Forum
  • Each student is a “stock” that issues shares to investors at a starting price of $10
  • An investor commits money by purchasing shares in a student
  • The student is then assigned
    a standard task related to increasing financial literacy
  • Student completes task, RFDF team verifies completion and money is disbursed
  • The student's stock price goes up $1 for every $100 received (and goes down by same amount if he/she does not complete task)
Summer Medical and Dental Education Program
Author: Yuri Reyes
Hello everyone, Those pursuing a
medical or dental career should invest a
summer in the Summer Medical and Dental
Program where you... More
I found it interesting how they
calculate taxes. I have never done taxes
so all this was new to me. It is very
interesting how depen... More
Programming helps
Hello everyone, I am minoring in
computer science. And thanks to these
skill I am able to get simple jobs
really quickly. If you ... More
The struggle of college
I am a pre-med student at the University
of California, Berkeley competing with a
multitude of students in the science
courses, espe... More

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